Christ stadiumEdit

The Christ Stadium as its known is the home of EWM FC. Founder of the club Carlson Young was and still is a heavy Christian and that influenced his choice of name. Fans refer to the stadium as the tomb of the Egyptian soldiers and the final resting place due to the "WAR" End of the ground. It has a capacity of 65,000!

The "WAR" endEdit

The "WAR" End of the ground is built next to the same field as the bloodiest battle of the Egyptian wars were fought on. It is dedicated those who fought, died and survived. The stand is known for its dedication and support to EWM and when the players enter the pitch they clap the war end to show respect.
The kop
It is known like the African version of Liverpools Kop end. Many of the biggest EWM fans sit in the stand and on the outside as you go in are the Tutunkhamen gates there are many quotes from the squad, the owner and legendary players.

The nile river standEdit

The Christ Stadium is bulit along the Nile river especially the stand which is closest. The stand is known as the Nile River stand and is one of the biggest.

The Cross standEdit

One of the stands has a Christian cross hanging down and the stand is known as the Cross stand. Many religious fans sit there and that is where the expensive seating rooms are set up along with commentary areas.

Away standEdit

The away stand is just for the away supporters. It is the smallest of the four stands and recives a lot of stick from the rest of the stadium. As I sign of disrespect many EWM players celebrate in front of them to the crowds enjoyment.

The Adidas StadiumEdit

The Adidas stadium is the reserve and Youth team stadium with a capacity of around 10,000. It is named after the kit sponser but was previously called the vodafone stadium after the club sponser.

The fields of ChristEdit

The fields of christ is EWM's training ground. It is set up on the edge of Cairo and many of fans are allowed free of charge to watch them train

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