Rivals-Cairo MasterEdit

EWM FC rivalry with Cairo Masters is due to the sacking of former owner and chief operating officer Carlson Young forced Carlson to create EWM FC. The two clubs are also down the same stretch of road as each other and is as fierce as Liverpool and Evertons rivalry. The outcomes of most games are an EWM victory and many a Cairo manager have been fired due to this. Some confrontations turn nasty as most players are home grown and many children are sometimes advised to stay away and watch at home.


Serie A club Palermo is a new rivalry due to the sensational UEFA Cup win in which EWM came from 3-0 down to 4-3 and won the trophy. The clubs are constantly drawn together in Europe.

EAD and Egypt UnitedEdit

Egyptian Animal Dynamos are rivals only due to the clubs being in Cairo. Although Egypt United are in the same proximity and get on fine with them.

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