EWM FC was founded 18th january 1988 by Carlson Young the former owner and caretaker manager of Cairo Masters FC. Carlson was sacked for an undisclosed reason but in an interview he revealed it was because of the lack of silverware although Cairo masters had won the league that year he was sacked. Carlson did not wait to create another club which he named the Egyptian War Machines and straight away signed many players including young Tutunkhamen Senior, Toti Francesco and Stephan Dino three legends. Due to the lack of clubs and Carlsons billions of pounds backing EWM FC entered into the top flight and defeated Cairo home and away 3-2 and 4-2. The later year Carlson funded the construction of the Christ Stadium and dedicated one of the stands to the recent devastating wars that had occured on the same hill the stadium is built by. Sadly Cairo masters FC radicals bombed the stadium. Thankfully the bombing was a major failure and the men arrested and sentanced to life imprisonment!


The 1990's were a dreadful time for EWM and Cairo masters as both teams and players were injury stricken. Carlson Young was also attecked in 1992 on holiday with his family. His rehabillitation and recovery took till 1999 but EWM was in liga 2 three leagues below the premiership where they deserved to be.


The millenium saw the youth of EWM bring through some of the greatest talents ever including Tutunkhamen junior, pyramid, Horus, Oasis and more. By 2005 EWM were back in the championship but it took till 2009 to reach premiership status in an undefetaed season. Sadly that year legend Tutunkhamed senior was killed in the same game he had scored his 1000th goal for EWM. Every year a ceremony at the end of a game is pereformed by the players and Tutunkhamen senior's name is printed on the shirt. 2010 EWM won the treble including an undefeated season campaign, the EcOn cup and the UEFA Europa league.

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