EWM TV formationEdit

EWM TV is a television channel specifically designed to show matches, interviews and more. EWM TV was formed in 2007 making it very new. The first year it was designed to only show matches and hilights but with its orginization with the actual club it now shows interviews and more.


The club joined with EWM TV due to the publicity. Many fans could not buy tickets and African sports the biggest sport provider in Africa was heavily bias towards Cairo Masters upset many EWM fans, the EWM fans instead watched the matches on EWM TV. The club now has a whole stand advertising EWM TV and allows interviewers into the training ground the fields of Christ.

Damien SarcozEdit

Damien Sarcoz the former defender and founder of EWM TV is the chief presenter and interviewer.

Most popular showsEdit

  • The match-the commentating and showing of recent and live EWM matches.
  • The tough questions-player, manager, coaches and more get asked tough questions by Damien Sarcoz
  • Back of the NET-a goal show
  • Blast from the past-highlights of past games
  • Legend talk-former players asked hard question in an interactive interviewer
  • Your thoughts-phone in and get your questions answered

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